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Our Mission

BITS Software Foundation is a non-profit of which Coupons 4 Food Pantries is our flagship program.
This Program collects unused coupons from you in order to purchase items for a food pantry at a discounted price.
Because we are now a 501(c)3 Corporation we can now also accept donations to aid in this effort.
BITS Software Foundation, the philanthropic branch of BITS Software.
According to Inamr, an international marketing research firm, less than 1% of all coupons issued are ever redeemed.
We would like to tap into these unused coupons to help the hungry in the US.
There are more than 42.4 million Americans, according to a 2015 study by the US Department of Agriculture, that are food insecure.
That is 13% of households in the US. This includes13 million children.
The USDA Report can be found here.
Our hope is to make a small difference in this crisis in our country, starting in our own back yard.

I encourage all who are reading this to look around your own communities and you will see that there are people everywhere that can use a helping hand. Why not make it yours ?

You will not only be helping us support local food banks in the Columbus area but also helping our youngsters receive life and computer training in areas that can net them decent jobs in the future, which are among other programs that we are working on providing shorty.

Coupons 4 Food Pantries