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About Our Donors
Our donors have helped us in so many ways over the years, and we couldn't do this without their support.
Carol and I, William Bailey, have put our money where our mouth is for almost a decade, donating over $5000 a year of our own money to help feed the hungry and clothe those in need.
By making this philanthropic endeavour a true 501(c)3 non-profit we hope that we can count on you to help us help so many more that need us.
We would like to thank Mary Hoover of Mission To Save for helping and promoting us when we started.

Our Monetary Donors
Since we began this non-profit in July of 2017 here is our list of Donors:
  • William Bailey: $560.00
  • Carol Whitmer: $550.00
  • Joyce Whitmer: $20.00
Our Coupon Donors
Over the years we have had plenty of help with coupons:
  • Carol Whitmer: On a Weekly Basis over the last 8 years
  • Joyce and Ellen Whitmer: On a Monthly Basis over the last 8 years
  • Mike Johnston: Hundreds of Coupons Monthly over the last 3 Years
Our Supply Donors:
  • William Bailey: Purchases Weekly (Groceries) and School Supplies for School Drive Last 6 Years
  • Carol Whitmer: Purchases Weekly (Groceries) and School Supplies for School Drive Last 6 Years
  • Celia George: Purchased Boxes of School Supplies for our School Drive 2017
Our Corporate Donors:
We are currently filling out Grant Proposals for Donations from some of Columbus' best known companies and organizations.
We will update this area as results come in.
Your support would be most appreciated to allow us to help even more children, starting in our Neighbourhood and ending in yours.
We would like to thank CVS Pharamacy for their most generous donation.
We would like to thank ALDI for their most generous donation to our Thanksgiving Fund Drive.

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Coupons 4 Food Pantries